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    Chasing Sunsets in San Francisco

    Photo adventures are one of my favorite ways to spend time over the weekend because I love exploring, learning and coming back home with a memory card full of, well, memories.…

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    Muir Woods National Monument + Overlook

    I had very high hopes for the Fourth of July weekend because I had two extra days off from work. I thought about traveling up north to Oregon or driving down…

  • Local

    Fort Point + The Labyrinth

    Mariciel and I spent our Sunday afternoon as local tourists, checking out Fort Point,¬†Legion of Honor and the labyrinth at Land’s End. One of the many things I love about living…

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    San Francisco’s Chinatown

    San Francisco is not exactly a big city (in terms of physical size), but the city is so densely packed and rich with culture it’s easy to discover and rediscover interesting…