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Portland’s Comfort Food + Multnomah Falls


Reflecting back at my trip to Portland, all I can remember are the memories of eating, drinking, and hiking—but I ain’t complaining. Our second day in Portland started out in the Northeast with a sweet cup of Spicy Chai from Heart, a spacious cafe located just down the street from Screen Door. Cheuk and I had made plans to grab some good old, southern-style brunch with Ana and Trevor before heading out to explore the Columbia River Gorge.

The wait was longer than we had expected, so we put our name down and wandered down the street until we found Heart. We ordered our drinks and began chatting about how we’ll be sharing our photos and footages of the trip later (hint, hint, video is coming). Before we knew it, 30 minutes had passed and we were ready to head back to check if a table was ready for us. We were seated in their outdoor patio area with heaters to keep us warm through our meal and a clear casing protected us from the rain without completely blocking out the daylight. It provided the perfect lighting to capture all the goodness that was served in front of us.

We did not hesitate on choosing what to order, our eyes were much bigger than our stomachs. This meant jumping in headfirst into the most indulgent brunch experience, ever. We ordered a tower of fried chicken and waffles (the 3-piece option), Louisiana red hot link sausage breakfast po-boy, house smoked beef brisket sandwich, and buttermilk biscuit sandwich with a side of praline bacon, beef brisket, and fried oysters. It was almost scary to see the bill for four people, but this meal practically lasted us the entire day.

screendoor-multnomah-1 screendoor-multnomah-2 screendoor-multnomah-3 screendoor-multnomah-4

After the extravagant meal, we made our way along the Columbia River Gorge to check out a series of waterfalls leading to the popular scene at Multnomah Falls. I was a little bummed that the rain didn’t stop as we explored the area, but this just means I’ll have to make my way back to Oregon on warmer days!

Even with the gloomy skies and a layer of fog, Multnomah Falls was such a majestic sight. The rich colors of the abundant growth of wild plants created a perfect frame and I was so excited to capture a piece of that beauty. 

screendoor-multnomah-6 screendoor-multnomah-7 screendoor-multnomah-8 screendoor-multnomah-9

Our last highlight of the day was stopping by one of Portland’s many food pods for some late-night Thai food. We were immediately drawn to this vocal lady with a sweet demeanor, calling her customers “honey” and thanking everyone with a proper Thai gesture. Cheuk and I picked up an order of the kra-prao with a fried egg and pineapple fried rice to bring back and eat in our hotel room.


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    January 15, 2016 at 3:24 PM

    Love the river pics!

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    January 15, 2016 at 4:04 PM

    Beautiful pics. Very jealous of your travels, but am so thankful for your blog!

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      January 15, 2016 at 4:09 PM

      Hey Diane! Thanks for stopping by the my blog, I appreciate your support :)

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