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Exploring Portland and Its Breweries


The first thing we did when we arrived in Portland was to take a walk around the neighborhood, keeping an eye out for good places to eat and interesting shops to browse through. As this was our first time in the city, we made sure to tuck in some of the iconic stops along the trip. We stayed close to Southwest Portland, which seemed like a great area of shopping and great food.

The second hotel we booked in the city was Hotel Monaco, boasting its playful art deco charm. Luckily, it was located within 10-15 minutes of walking distance from a number of things I wanted to do. On our way to grab a couple of beers at Rogue, we stopped by a few cool shops including Boys Fort and Solabee. The store was a fun juxtaposition of rugged, vintage home decor pieces with a gentle, floral element to satisfied your botanical cravings.

It was no surprise that I was immediately drawn to the right side of the store, where it was decorated with beautiful flowers and succulents. I loved browsing through all the healing stones, candles, and plant pots. I ended up picking up two of the most heavenly scented candles from Shine; I just couldn’t resist the Eucalyptus and Bergamot!

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We continued our way to Rogue and unexpectedly ran into Ana and Trevor. They had left for Portland a day earlier than us from Crater Lake, I had no idea they had been staying so close to us in the city. I snapped this paparazzi shot of them grabbing a late lunch at Clyde Common.


When we finally arrived at Rogue after an adventurous mile of walking, it seemed much longer than 15 minutes because we were so distracted with everything along the way. It wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with Portland, we decided to cancel our drive up to Seattle and extend our stay in PDX.

We intended to grab a light snack at Rogue but it turned out to be a full-on early dinner. We ordered the scotch eggs, Sriracha buffalo wings, and poutine with our own flight of beer. I was excited to try the Cold Brew IPA, Rogue Farms Fresh Roast Ale, Morimoto Imperial Pilsner, and Double Chocolate Stout.

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Before we left Portland, we made one last stop at Cascade Brewing to try some sour beers. They didn’t offer an option for a flight, but I did get lucky with a tasting set of three Blueberry brews from 2013, 2014, and 2015. I was fascinated by the variance in the depth of each glass, knowing that they were made with the same ingredients but the biggest different came from the length of the aging process. Looking back, I wish I had bought some for me to take home!

My favorite pick at Cascade was hands-down the Honey Ginger Lime, which unfortunately was unavailable to take home. The fact that this beer is only available on tap made it even harder for me to leave Portland. This is the second time that I’ve found one of my favorite beers while traveling and was faced with the unfortunate truth of it being unavailable in California. I’ll just have to use the flavors as inspiration to create cocktails for dinner parties for now.

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