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A Piece of Pineapple Hospitality in Portland


A last minute deal via Hotwire has never failed to disappoint us and this statement rings so true with our latest luck getting a room at Hotel Rose. We arrived in Portland pretty late in the evening, so I was tired and in dire need of a good, hot shower.

One of many things Cheuk and I have in common is how organized and meticulous we can be when putting together a travel itinerary. I like to plan exactly what we’ll be doing, where, when, and how much it costs. I’ll even throw in an extra column in Google Sheets to write down notes on any interesting facts. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I saw how Cheuk organized our travel plans in a neat outline, printed, and protected in a paper folder.

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However, I’ve been learning to loosen up and trying “go with the flow” (eeek, scary!) on many aspects of my life, including travel. Although we had a general idea of where to go over the holidays, I didn’t really have a clear plan on how many days we’d be spending in each city and what exactly we’d be doing. I took a cue from some of my favorite nomadic bloggers and friends to try and relax a little.

It turns out that traveling with a few open ends decreased the stress and anxiety I felt during the trip! Our original plan was to drive up to Seattle but I ended up loving Portland so much we took a few extra days to take our time and explore the city.

hotel-rose-4 hotel-rose-6 hotel-rose-7 hotel-rose-8

Hotel Rose was my favorite place to stay throughout our entire trip, conveniently located downtown in southwest Portland, within walking distance from many shops and restaurants. The hotel’s decor is colorful and quirky, which adds to the overall charm. I especially loved the idea of their signature pineapple motif, symbolizing the historical significance of the tropical fruit as a sign of hospitality and luxury.

My only regret is not staying at Hotel Rose long enough to take advantage of renting one of their complimentary bikes for a ride around town.

After we checked-out in the morning (checkout is at 12pm), we stopped by a bar and restaurant on site called Bottle + Kitchen for lunch. First, we ordered the Green Salad with pickled carrots, shaved radish, and beets to share. Cheuk ended up ordering the pulled pork sandwich and I decided to try the Curry Ravioli stuffed with sweet potatoes and served with a garlic, mushroom broth. Needless to say, I was impressed with the unexpected sweet and savory combination of the dish!

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