Brunch at ABV


Who says brunch requires mimosas and bacon? When you’re at ABV for the delightful, first meal of the day – you get whatever you want – including a pretty tequila cocktail, hearty burgers, and crispy fritters.

I am always down for a mixed drink with a flavorful splash of gin or tequila and because I needed to throw my neurotransmitters awry before noon, I opted for both the cold brew and a tequila cocktail, Paloma Rosada. I was immediately impressed with the pretty pink color of the cocktail and the refreshing grapefruit juice made it a perfect choice for brunch.

As we were told that ABV only serves finger food, we were denied of any utensils. Whatever though, the drinks were great and food was amazing so I had no qualms about it. The four of us ordered five dishes to share, which included: kimchi fritters, chicken karaage, pulled pork sandwich, pimento cheese burger, and totopo with roasted squash.

It’s hard to describe the origin of these dishes as the menu flaunted inspirations from Asian to Middle Eastern cuisines. What I loved most about ABV were their creative concoctions of alcoholic beverages where your standard cocktails are elevated with an exotic flare.

I can’t wait to check out the scene in the evening and try their seemingly popular Mumbai Mule, made with saffron vodka, and the falafel lamb dog (which they don’t begin to serve until 3pm).

However, with the promotion of sous chef Collin Hilton, we can expect to see other exciting menu items populate the board in 2016!

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