Strangers at Front Cafe


The Internet is an extrovert’s playground, it instantly connects you with millions of people across the world with similar interests and character. I’ve never struggled to make friends in school and my biggest dilemma was fitting all the plans into the week. However, being out of school is a much difference experience. My coworkers are awesome, there’s a handful of them I couldn’t get through the day without, but meeting new friends became exponentially harder for me.

Most of the hours in a weekday is consumed by my full-time job and errands get pushed to the precious time on the weekends. If I’m not running around town on “adult” duty, I like to use the time over the weekend to reconnect with family and friends. This means only a sliver of my glorious free time is left to build new relationships.

The precious group of new friends I’ve made since graduating college all have something in common with each other – we love food, photography and adventure.

The biggest thing I appreciate about Instagram is that it builds a community around visually stimulating experiences. I enjoy getting to know someone through their photographs, I often wonder what kind of emotion or message the photographer wanted to share. Sometimes I come across daring explorers and creative amateurs who equally inspire me to continue making time for the things I love.

I recently reached out to Teresa, a mutual friend, after following her on various platforms for a while. We were total strangers but when I saw her vlog covering her trip to Arizona, I knew I had to meet her. Documenting my travels through video has been a recent hobby and I wanted to share ideas with like-minded people. We decided to get together over a gloomy weekend at Front Cafe in San Francisco to chat. 

I had no idea what to expect, I was just excited to meet someone new who shared a similar interest. Teresa turned out to be an amazing person with a day-time job in a similar industry and a love for documenting the treasured moments in life. Feel free to check out her YouTube channel to follow along her exciting adventures!


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