Brunch at Hopscotch in Oakland


Just when I thought my list couldn’t get any longer with a myriad of restaurants and bars I want to check out, I realized Oakland is also full of amazing places to try. Making the drive from the South Bay up to Oakland to catch up with Ana is always a treat and having her introduce me to some of the yummiest places in town is the cherry-on-top.

We decided to check out Hopscotch, located next door to Belly, an amazing fusion joint for tacos and burritos! I was feeling pretty hungry that day so I decided to go with with an order of the Yonsei Oyster and Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Biscuits (#YOLO). Ana ordered the Kimchee Fried Rice & Shoyu Eggs with thick slices of pork belly, and of course, I had to steal a bite. The fried chicken I ordered were boneless (yasss) and juicy but the fried outer shell was seasoned well and crunchy, it was the perfect balance. If you’re a meat-lover like I am, the creamy pork sausage gravy is also an amazing addition to the dish!

The Yonsei Oysters were interesting though, it’s essentially an oyster topped with sea urchin, salmon roe, and citrus soy sauce. An explosion of flavor is probably the best that I could describe without much exaggeration, things literally burst in your mouth, but for $5 a piece I think my curiosity got the best of me. It’s definitely worth a try for all of you adventurous souls, but next time, I’ll try the Half Dozen Shigoku Oysters served with mignonette. 

Lastly, we were served (and charged) an order of fresh Donuts & Butterscotch Cream by mistake but we were certainly not upset. The donuts were fluffy and warm and the slightly sweet butterscotch cream paired well with them. In fact, I could munch on them all day without a tinge of guilt – they were that good.

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