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Back in July, we discovered HALL Wines through Naseem at a Blog Party event hosted by Sift Dessert Bar, the dessert and wine pairings were incredible. The winery’s offerings haven’t left my mind since and I was thrilled for an opportunity to visit the vineyard for a detailed tour of their production facility filled with modern art and some more wine tasting.


Upon arrival, visitors are instantly greeted by a chic, glass building where all the production and wine tastings are held. The building established HALL Wines as California’s first winery to be distinguished as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified, fully-sustainable production facility. The glass walls bring in a tremendous amount of light into the building and the production area is kept cool through a special ventilation system.

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It’s very clear that the Halls are a lover of modern art, you can find the works of many artists including Jaume Plensa, Patrick Dougherty, Jim Campbell and more while you enjoy a glass of their #crazygoodcabernet. I was pleasantly surprised to a piece from Jaume Plensa in their outdoor garden as I had admired his work found in Chicago’s Millennium Park. It was also interesting to learn that Dougherty’s willow branch sculptures was created with the help of volunteer employees, making the collection extra special.

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The best part of our trip to Napa Valley was undeniably the wine, their cabernets to be exact. We tried several varieties and I concluded that my favorite is the “Kathryn Hall” because of its bold taste. However, if you’re looking for something a little mild and elegant, I highly recommend trying “Ellie’s” which happened to be Nanette’s favorite. And if you’re not a fan of red wine, HALL also offers a range of sauvignon blancs for you to enjoy.

With that said, Nanette and I were so impressed with our experience, we signed up for our very first wine club membership! I’m looking forward to going back with friends to the next pick-up party and trying the new bottles of wine.

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Before we headed back to the Bay Area, we stopped by Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch for a filling lunch. We sat by a sweet couple who offered us some of their beignets (yay, dessert before entree) after overhearing me say “we should get an order of that after our meal” to Nanette.

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