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We spent the last half of our spring trip to Europe in Italy visiting Venice, Florence, Rome and the Vatican City. I thought about putting all the footage together in one long video but decided to break it down into two parts so I can focus on all the amazing things we experienced by two cities. Many people have asked me since our trip, which city was my favorite? And I always tell them it’s difficult to give a straight answer because all the cities we visited had its own charm. They were all unique and I had very different experiences from all of them.

Venice was a quaint city surrounded by water, made up of 118 islands connected by bridges and boats. It’s very easy to get around the city on foot or by water taxis, we stayed there for a whole day and I felt that it was enough time to absorb the culture there. We booked train tickets from Venice to Florence, which took about two hours, and was able to enjoy the beautiful view of the Italian countryside as we relaxed in our comfy seats.

Our lackluster Airbnb apartment in Florence actually ended up being really close to an amazing restaurant a waiter from Venice recommended to us called Il Latini. We made a “reservation” (more like, checking in our faces with a worker) for dinner because the restaurant was always packed in the evening. Needless to say, the experience and the food was more than I had expected; thinking about the juicy Florentine steak just makes my mouth water right now. We were also able to check out the beautiful Tuscany countryside on a Vespa and the Fiat Cinquecento through Walkabout Florence Tours. The tour guides led us to a private estate owned by the company for a homemade Italian style lunch and an unforgettable experience overall! I highly recommend the tour if you’re up for something new and exciting in Florence.

I am so happy that I was able to captures some of the best moments from Venice and Florence because watching this video brings back so many positive vibes!


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