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Travel Video Diary | London

I took an amazing trip around some of the biggest cities in Europe this past Spring with a long-time friend Jessica. I was extremely glad to have packed an extra memory card as we took a ton of photos and videos throughout our trip! I was able to quickly share the photos with you guys on the blog but procrastinated with editing the videos together… Well, I finally got myself to sit down at a Starbucks and work my magic with FCPX.

I’m actually waiting for Cheuk to get off work so we can check out the Beer Garden Nightlife event at California Academy of Sciences tonight. I was having a stressful week (despite the fact that it was only three work days for me) so he surprised me by getting tickets to go to Nightlife. I feel incredible blessed to have someone who completely understands me and has the patience to deal with my (sometimes unreasonable) tantrums. 

Jessica and I spent a total of four days in London, but the last day hardly counted as we prepared to board the train in the morning through the Chunnel to take us to Paris. The entire trip was 16 days long through five cities, I felt that it was enough time to get a little taste of each place, but definitely not enough time to soak in everything.

Prior to the trip, I was extremely excited to finally see the Stonehenge up close and visit the Natural History Museum, but I think my favorite experience after all was the Borough Market! I assume that’s not much of a surprise if you know me, I love food– especially if they are displayed beautifully in large quantities and varieties. I was so inspired by all the different cultural options and uncommon ingredients, I bought a truffle salami to bring back for my brother.

London was such an amazing city with rich history and well-dressed people. Everywhere I looked, people looked like they’ve just stepped out of a J.Crew magazine. I was also able to catch up with an old friend, Hana, who took us out to dinner at Tramshed and drinks in a trendy neighborhood called Shoreditch. I wish we had more time to explore and that I had packed appropriately for the extremely chilly weather in late April but we live and we learn.

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