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I’ve heard many great things about the restaurants in Campbell but never really took the time to explore my own neighborhood. This weekend, I did a quick search on Yelp! to pick out a good brunch spot near my parent’s house and found Orchard City Kitchen just a few minutes away. I was very surprised to find such a large and modern restaurant that serves brunch, lunch and dinner so close and when I saw the Kimchi Bloody Mary, I knew I had to check it out. I’m always drawn to restaurants that offer menu items inspired by multi-cultural elements.

I decided to try the Smoked Brisket Hash with mixed greens and a yolky fried egg topped with truffle crèma — I was not disappointed. The portion was just enough for me to feel full without being overly stuffed and the salad gave a nice, balanced feel to the dish. We also ordered a few bottles of cold brewed coffee by a local company, Barefoot Coffee, which had a full and rich flavor I also enjoyed.

OCK also offers outdoor seating which is a great option to enjoy the food and the communal seating arrangement creates a friendly atmosphere. It looked really busy when we got there around 11am but we were seated immediate and soon found out how big the actual place is inside. The crowd there was also very diverse, we saw families, couples on dates and people celebrating what looked like a birthday brunch — it’s definitely a good fit for any occasion.

I’m really excited about discovering this place and looking forward to trying out more of their dishes in the future. As you scroll through the photos, you’ll also see that we had the Meat Loving American and Eggs Benny dishes which I recommend if you’re feeling extra hungry!

OCK-brunch-2 OCK-brunch-11 OCK-brunch-3OCK-brunch-6 OCK-brunch-7 OCK-brunch-8OCK-brunch-10

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