Chasing Sunsets in San Francisco


Photo adventures are one of my favorite ways to spend time over the weekend because I love exploring, learning and coming back home with a memory card full of, well, memories. I was excited when Nanette asked me to join her to check out Marshall’s Beach by the Presidio. We met earlier in the day to take a walk around Lower Haight to b. patisserie where I discovered the goodness that is Kouign Amann — the flakey and sweet pastry was pure perfection. I also got to play photo assistant while she photographed the ice-cream cookie sandwiches she made for an upcoming project. It was incredible just to be behind-the-scenes and watch everything come together, I always learn so much about food photography from Nan.

We headed out to Marshall’s Beach around 7pm to catch the sunset by 8:30pm. To get down to the beach, we took the Batteries to Bluff Trail, which was a bit of a trek but definitely worth the workout. I got to experiment with various natural lighting, finding cool angles to frame my photos and moving subjects aka Willy and Buttah. If you think photography is just clicking buttons, you should think again. There are so many elements that need to be considered during and after the shoot, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I learned through this single experience.

As the position of the sun changed (dramatically) during the two hours we were there, I had to figure out the best way to capture the essence of the golden hour. I wanted to avoid harsh contrasts and wasn’t completely satisfied with what I had shot. When I got home, I played around a little with different presets to speed up the editing process and found that I couldn’t just copy and paste the same steps to every photo. I felt like I had to process each photo individually in order to bring out the most appropriate mood/look that fit the specific image; was it worth sacrificing the uniformity of this set? Absolutely.

Personally, I want my photos to evoke an emotion; it can remind the viewers of a past memory or put them right there with me at the moment that I took the shot. Each image is an individual moment, so I felt that it was appropriate that I deviated from editing everything in the same manner. I tried to tie it all together by accentuating the warm tones created with the golden hour lighting and feel pretty satisfied with the warm, fuzzy feelings I get when I look at them.

Marshalls-Beach-2 Marshalls-Beach-3 Marshalls-Beach-4 Marshalls-Beach-5 Marshalls-Beach-6 Marshalls-Beach-7 Marshalls-Beach-8 Marshalls-Beach-9 Marshalls-Beach-10 Marshalls-Beach-11 Marshalls-Beach-12 Marshalls-Beach-13 Marshalls-Beach-14 Marshalls-Beach-15 Marshalls-Beach-16 Marshalls-Beach-17

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    July 17, 2015 at 12:06 AM

    Thank you so much for coming along!! You are the best photo walk friend! Can’t wait to go on more. :)

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