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July 2015

  • Collaborations Food

    Blog Party + Sift Dessert Bar

    I was honored when Jamie of J for Jamie reached out to ask for help with photographing an upcoming event at Sift Dessert Bar in San Francisco for July’s Blog Party. I met her…

  • Local

    Chasing Sunsets in San Francisco

    Photo adventures are one of my favorite ways to spend time over the weekend because I love exploring, learning and coming back home with a memory card full of, well, memories.…

  • Food

    Orchard City Kitchen

    I’ve heard many great things about the restaurants in Campbell but never really took the time to explore my own neighborhood. This weekend, I did a quick search on Yelp! to…

  • Local

    Muir Woods National Monument + Overlook

    I had very high hopes for the Fourth of July weekend because I had two extra days off from work. I thought about traveling up north to Oregon or driving down…

  • Travel Videos

    Travel Video Diary | Paris

    Looking through the videos I took from my Eurotrip earlier this year makes me really miss traveling and all the amazing things Jessica and I experienced together in foreign places. I’ve…

  • Travel Videos

    Travel Video Diary | London

    I took an amazing trip around some of the biggest cities in Europe this past Spring with a long-time friend Jessica. I was extremely glad to have packed an extra memory card…