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Food Styling + Photography Workshop


I had an exciting time this weekend attending a food styling and photography workshop hosted by Jenny of I Forgot It’s Wednesday and Nanette of Cultural Chromatics. Appropriately named, Brunchin’ & Stylin’, it was an intimate opportunity to experiment with plating our brunch and photographing the edible artworks.

The morning class included plenty of options for bottomless cocktails, baking our own pretzel bread and garnishing our brunch plates with a perfectly poached or sous vide egg. Jenny and her husband had also prepared a generous number of ingredients to decorate our dishes including: daikon radish, sautéed mushrooms, smoked fingerling potatoes, toasted kale, bacon and so much more. We were encouraged to unleash our creativity onto the plates and consider the composition of the meal down to the type of bowls or plates.

When we were finished with the visual presentation, we continued learning about important tips and techniques to keep in mind while setting up the shoot. I learned a lot about getting the right lighting and finding your own “signature” style. I still love experimenting with different looks and have yet to find my personal flare, but on a positive note: I finally have Lightroom, which will make it a 100x easier for me to edit photos in bulk, yay!

Overall, this was a great event to meet other likeminded people and get the hands-on opportunity to learn more about two of my favorite things: food and photography. I’m pretty bummed that Jenny will be moving back to the East coast soon, but I am looking forward to attending other workshops around the city :)


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    June 29, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING!! What an amazing video and we were honored to have you there with us!!


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