Biking Angel Island + Dumplings


Another weekend well-spent, exploring around Tiburon and Angel Island with Cheuk. We took a 15-minute ferry ride from Tiburon to the Angel Island National Park on a sunny and breezy Saturday afternoon. We immediately headed to the bike rental shop and embarked on a 5-mile ride around the island for a bit of exercise and a breath-taking view of both the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge!

To my surprise, the 5-mile ride around the island kicked my butt. It was a depressing reminder of how out-of-shape I’ve been but a rude awakening that was much needed for me. I was able to find a comfy cruiser-like bike with multiple gears to help me ride through all the ups and downs of the dirt trail. The entire ride took us a little over an hour which included all the stops for photos and breaths.

One of the coolest stops we found was an abandoned hospital where soldiers from World War II were treated and gave off an eerie vibe even in broad daylight. I wish we took more time to explore around other empty facilities around the island; Cheuk initially wanted to come here to learn more about the hundreds of thousands of Chinese immigrants who were processed, detained and interrogated on the island.

At the end of the ride, we stopped by the Angel Island Cantina for some shrimp ceviche to reward our hard work :) They offer a ton of amazing things on their menu including Hog Island oysters, red wine sangria, fish tacos and beers all by a scenic outdoor terrace facing the bay.

While waiting for our ferry ride back to Tiburon, we debated a while about what to have for dinner. Before heading back to the South Bay, we decided to check out Dumpling Kitchen for some soup dumplings, aka xiao long bao (XLB), in the Sunset. I had heard many great things about the soup dumplings here and we were most certainly satisfied with both the price and quality of the food! In addition to the XLBs, we also ordered a plate of pan-fried Shanghainese pork dumplings and dry-fried chicken wings which tasted like a sweet five spice sauce.

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