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Beer + Roller Coasters


Beer and roller coasters may sound like a horrible combination, but when done right, they’re part of the perfect recipe for an incredible surprise date. I left the planning up to Cheuk to for Saturday and he surprised me by taking us to the Mare Island Brewing Co., sitting on the edge of the Napa river, for a beautiful view while trying their six beer sampler flight. My favorite was the Farragut’s Farmhouse Saison aged in an oak barrel. The taproom is just a few miles away from Vallejo’s Six Flag Discovery Kingdom, making it a great stop before heading to the amusement part.

We spent the rest of the day in line riding roller coasters and avoiding anything that spins on a fixed axis (as described by Cheuk). We even got lucky and got to ride the same ride twice as the crowd was manageable that day and no one was in line behind our cart for the next turn :) The weather was also amazing, it was sunny and warm with gusts of cool breezes, I recommend checking out your local amusement parts earlier in the season when the crowd level is low and the sun isn’t beating down on you!

Also, a huge shout out and thanks to Cheuk for helping me recover all of my lost photo files! Something happened with my computer, after I uploaded all of my photos and wiped the SD card, I found that the photos did not save properly onto my hard drive! I was pretty upset because I was looking forward to sharing them on the blog. He helped me find a recovery software to get the lost files back, yay!

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