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June 2015

  • Food

    Biking Angel Island + Dumplings

    Another weekend well-spent, exploring around Tiburon and Angel Island with Cheuk. We took a 15-minute ferry ride from Tiburon to the Angel Island National Park on a sunny and breezy Saturday afternoon.…

  • Collaborations Food Videos

    Food Styling + Photography Workshop

    I had an exciting time this weekend attending a food styling and photography workshop hosted by Jenny of I Forgot It’s Wednesday and Nanette of Cultural Chromatics. Appropriately named, Brunchin’ & Stylin’, it was an intimate opportunity to…

  • Food Life

    Beer + Roller Coasters

    Beer and roller coasters may sound like a horrible combination, but when done right, they’re part of the perfect recipe for an incredible surprise date. I left the planning up to…

  • Food Life

    An Unconventional Brunch

    One of the things I miss the most about college is being in such close proximity with all of your best friends. I really enjoyed living in the dorms because we hosted dinners…