Spring Eurotrip | Florence, Italy


I was really excited about visiting Florence because I had started reading Dan Brown’s “Inferno” a few weeks before our trip and wanted to check out all the spots mentioned in the book. Also, as our luck would have it, we ran into the filming of Inferno starring Tom Hanks (opening October 2016) while we were in Venice and Florence! It was so cool to see some of the scenes being film and I had a lot of fun trying to figure out which part of the book it was portraying.

Our Airbnb apartment was conveniently located near Il Latini, a popular family-owned restaurant known for their amazing Florentine steak. We were going to look for this restaurant as it was recommended to us by a kind waiter in Venice but luckily, we didn’t have to search much. There was also a huge crowd by the entrance even before the place opened, we made sure to stop by an hour before to get a reservation.

Getting into the restaurant was a bit tough even with reservations because of the crowd outside, but once we were seated, our table came with a large bottle of their house wine and we were able to enjoy dinner making conversations with random travelers who joined us at the communal table. Jessica and I ordered the Florentine steak to share with roasted potatoes and spinach as sides. Our steak was huge and so flavorful, I’ll be dreaming about it until I can go back for more! After our meal, we went up to the owner to thank him for he delicious meal and he gave each of us a bottle of their wine as parting gifts.

Next day, we embarked on an exciting adventure around the Tuscan countryside with our vintage Vespa and colorful Fiat Cinquecentos! I was a little nervous about riding a Vespa on my own, but the semi-automatic transmission made it super easy to learn so I was able to get comfy pretty quick :) We also stopped by a beautiful private estate for lunch and wine, which was a nice surprise as I didn’t expect such a scenery.

Although our stay in Florence wasn’t too long, we made a lot of special memories and met so many amazing people who helped us understand the city and culture.













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    May 16, 2015 at 3:43 PM

    I’ve only just discovered your blog and it’s wonderful. Beautiful pictures, I’ve always wanted to visit Italy and this has definitely inspired me to do it! x

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