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May 2015

  • Collaborations Videos

    Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial

    Nanette is one of the only few people I know who can pull-off the silvery lavender hair, she could dress it up for an ethereal look or wear something casual for that…

  • Food

    Skewers Over Charcoal Grill

    My brother Randy has always been a little eccentric for his age, but I just like to think he’s an old soul. One of the special things he likes to do that…

  • Travel

    5 Things I Learned While Traveling Abroad

    As a child, I traveled often with my parents between South Korea, Japan and the United States. We had many relatives on various coasts and my dad business often called for…

  • Travel

    Spring Eurotrip | Rome, Italy

    Our epic Spring eurotrip came to an end with our last stop being Rome; the pace of our trip shifted dramatically as we had 4.5 days in the city to enjoy. We…

  • Travel

    Spring Eurotrip | Florence, Italy

    I was really excited about visiting Florence because I had started reading Dan Brown’s “Inferno” a few weeks before our trip and wanted to check out all the spots mentioned in the…

  • Travel

    Spring Eurotrip | Venice, Italy

    The biggest surprise for me in Venice was the lack of proper roads and cars, even with all the research I had done for the trip, the fact that Venice is…