San Francisco Garden Hopping

SF Botanical Garden 7

At about this time in my life, I am starting to realize how much I have changed since college (boy, it’s already been three years). I’ve found out a bunch of new things about myself and started to feel more comfortable in my own skin. In college, I thought I had a lot of friend; I always hung out with different groups of people and liked to think that I had a vast network. However, now I realize the only people I care to make time for are the ones who share similar desires in life and see the importance of adventure and knowledge.

I feel really lucky to have friends who I can share my excitement for creative projects and discovering both old and new places with. I love learning from them and also being able to share some of my knowledge to help each other grow. It just seems like genuine fun whenever I am around them and we don’t have to worry about superficial things.

Ana (pictured below) and I had planned to chase after the last bit of the cherry blossoms on a Sunday afternoon at the Japanese Tea Garden only to find out there were none (she says there was one but I don’t even remember). We decided to switch directions to the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden but took a quick detour at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. I was really happy about being able to see all the beautiful magnolias in full bloom!

SF Botanical Garden 1

SF Botanical Garden 2

SF Botanical Garden 3

SF Botanical Garden 4

SF Botanical Garden 6

SF Botanical Garden 5

SF Botanical Garden 8

SF Botanical Garden 9

SF Botanical Garden 10

SF Botanical Garden 11

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