Gloomy Day in Galveston Island, TX

Gloomy Galveston 1

Valentine’s Day weekend paired with President’s Day made it a perfect three-day weekend for me to fly over to Houston, TX to spend some quality time with my boyfriend. The last time I visited Texas, he took me around Austin and San Antonio, so I was really excited to check out Houston this time!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with Fifty Shades of Porn Grey and my favorite hot pot style dinner. One of the most memorable parts about this trip was visiting NASA’s Johnson Space Center where we learned about all the incredible space missions and the International Space Center. It was such a cool experience to be in the same location where all the astronauts train (among other places) for their flights and we even got to see the mission control room where they will launch the world’s first manned flight to Mars in the very near future. Space exploration and rocket science excite me and if you didn’t know that about me, well, now you do.

We spent our last day on Galveston Island, located on the Western border of Texas, by the Gulf of Mexico. I didn’t even know Texas had an island and despite the gloomy weather, we still had a great time with a scrumptious breakfast and running around in the rain trying to capture some of the moments. I’d love to visit the island again on a sunny day, perhaps sometime in the summer when the water is warm enough for us to swim.

Gloomy Galveston 2

Gloomy Galveston 3

Gloomy Galveston 4

Gloomy Galveston 5

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