Davenport Beaches

Santa Cruz Davenport Beach3

I was super excited when Ana invited me to explore the Davenport beaches in Santa Cruz last Sunday with our friend Kevin. I only wished I had my own camera to shoot around with because the two beaches we stopped by, Panther beach and Shark Fin Cove, were absolutely beautiful – especially at sunset!

It was nice to spend quality time with close friends from college, catching up and appreciating our surroundings together. I love traveling and exploring near-by cities, but the experience is so much more enjoyable when you’re with great company. We had a picnic at Panther beach with a solid IPA and hummus dip with pita chips. Then, I watched as Kevin and Ana tried bouldering the gigantic cliffs.

I missed the beach, the smell of the ocean and the salty air. After all, I did grow up in a port city in South Korea and an annual deep-sea fishing trips were a family tradition. As a child, I enjoyed the boat ride and looking out into the distance more than actually fishing. There’s always something so mesmerizing about the ocean, maybe it’s the way it makes you feel so small or the fact that there’s a ton of uncharted territories right beneath your feet. Whatever it is, you can’t deny its beauty.

Santa Cruz Davenport Beach7

Santa Cruz Davenport Beach8

Santa Cruz Davenport Beach6

Santa Cruz Davenport Beach5

Santa Cruz Davenport Beach4

Santa Cruz Davenport Beach2

Santa Cruz Davenport Beach1

Santa Cruz Davenport Beach9

(photo credits: Ana G.)

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