Cruisin’ Around Venice Beach

Venice Beach 2

I took advantage of the three-day weekend over the MLK holiday with Jessica to travel down south. I immediately regretted my decision to drive as I found myself stuck in traffic after work  but I didn’t want to pay to have to rent a car so I guess it was a fair tradeoff. Our plans came together quite naturally, there were a lot of things I’ve been wanting to do in Los Angeles so we took the time to explore through my SoCal bucket list which included cruising around Venice Beach on our comfy beach cruisers.

We stopped by a cool juice shop called Juice Served Here to treat ourselves after a dehydrating night out and made our way to The Bicycle Whisperer (yes, the name is what sold me) which was just a short walking-distance away. We rented our super cute beach cruiser bikes for only $25 for the day and headed down Sunset Blvd. to get to Venice Beach. If you’ve never been there before, you’d be in for quite a surprise because the streets are filled with fun, little shops and lots of creative and individualist vibes can be felt there. Also, there’s a specific road paved just for bicycles and roller-skaters which makes it extremely convenient for you to ride from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica Pier!

It’s not often that we get to spend time riding around on a bike, we had to stop by a life-guard hut for a photo op ;) Before we headed back for dinner planners later that evening, we grabbed a yummy bowl of poke at Poke-Poke, my favorite snack stop in Venice, and ate on the beach while watching the sunset.

Venice Beach 3

Venice Beach 5

Venice Beach 4

Venice Beach 1

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