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January 2015

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    Goals for 2015

    Travel More When everything is said and done, the only real things you have that make you unique are your memories and a life-time of adventures. I want to experience the…

  • Travel

    Joshua Tree National Park

    Visiting Joshua Tree National Park has been on my mind for a long time so when I finally had the chance to spend some time in southern California, I decided to…

  • Travel

    Cruisin’ Around Venice Beach

    I took advantage of the three-day weekend over the MLK holiday with Jessica to travel down south. I immediately regretted my decision to drive as I found myself stuck in traffic…

  • Travel

    Davenport Beaches

    I was super excited when Ana invited me to explore the Davenport beaches in Santa Cruz last Sunday with our friend Kevin. I only wished I had my own camera to…

  • Travel Videos

    Winter in the Windy City

    Visiting Chicago in the winter was a completely different experience than the last time I was there in the summer. It was only for a few days, but I celebrated the New…