Indigeny Reserve in Sonora, CA


After exploring through the magnificent Mercer Cavern in Murphy, we took a little detour to Indigeny Reserve in Sonora for some delicious hard cider tasting! Ana recommended this place for us when we told her we’re planning a weekend trip up North and I’m glad we didn’t skip the opportunity.

We were staying in Sutter Creek for the weekend and had originally planned to visit Black Chasm Cavern when the waitress from our dinner at Hotel Sutter recommended that we visit the Mercer Cavern in Murphy, CA instead. We were convinced (pretty easily) and decided to switch up our plans last minute to visit Mercer Cavern the next morning instead.

It turned out to be a great experience and the cherry on top of the day was being less than 30 miles from Indigeny Reserve! I really enjoy brewery tours and tastings so we decided to take the drive to Sonora for a visit for some hard apple ciders.

We were immediately greeted with a cup of their sweet, signature apple cider and I instantly knew I had to take some home with me. The other options included organic apple cider (that was less sweet) and another delicious apple cider infused with blackberries! We were also glad to be able to go on a guided tour of the brewery and learned a lot about how their drinks are made from start to finish including their apple brandy.

The brewery was extremely clean and well-kept, the man who guided the tour was extremely knowledgeable about the whole process and also seemed to be very passionate about apples. The most interesting part about the tour was learning about the triple distillery process to eliminate the unwanted alcohols before consumption.

Visitors are encouraged to come by in March to purchase a customized bottle with a growing apple enclosed in it. You sign the bottle as they insert the baby apple into the opening of the bottle and in November, when the apple is fully grown, you can come back to collect the bottle which they can fill with house-made brandy for you to take home. I think it would also make a great gift for any brandy enthusiasts for Christmas!







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