Capturing the Oakland Protest


I spent this past Saturday in Oakland and ventured away from Jack London Square to check out the surrounding area. On our walk to the closest BART station, we came across a large gathering of people preparing to embark on a march. It turned out to be the protest against police brutality and racism in response to the recent outcome of the Ferguson trial.

I stood along the sidewalk with the protestors as I observed the scene for a while. I was moved to start taking photos when I noticed a little girl standing with a huge sign over her head with the Socialist Alternative logo. I wondered if she knew what the sign meant, not just the words, but why she was out there in public holding up a message. I wanted to capture the moment in our society when even children have a voice they can use to spread an idea.

As I started taking photos of the protesters walking by, I felt a surge of inspiration and this desire to jump into the middle of the crowd to capture the real and raw moments. The energy and the emotions I felt just by standing there were incredible.

People of all color and background coming together to create a movement.
We can’t predict or control the outcome but the best thing we can do is try.
Without a conscious effort, there is no change.

I also decided to edit the photos with high-contrast in black and white because I wanted to reduce the amount of distraction. The real message can be seen not only on the signs but on the faces of the people and their body language.










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    December 16, 2014 at 12:51 AM

    How powerful! I love how you captured this.

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