Willy Lately | Lazy Sunday pt.1

Willy Day_Play

“It’s not easy being lazy, you’ve only got 24 hours to do the same thing over again!”

Willy Day_Sleeping

I love to snuggle between the pillows, this hamburger pillow is my favorite!

Willy Day_Scratching

I never have to itch because I have humans to do it for me, this is pure bliss.

Willy Day_Greedy

And then human taunts me with toys and treats because she knows I can’t jump off this bed.

Willy Day_BackYard

I take care of my business outside, if you know what I mean; this is my stomping ground.

Willy Day_Eating

When I head back inside, breakfast is ready for me.
As usual, I am too fast for the camera and nobody comes between me and food.

Willy Day_Tug

I like to amuse the human by playing tug, she thinks this loaf of bread is hers.

Willy Day_Walking

Going on a walk is a real treat, the olfactic stimulation is insane.

Willy Day_Sitting

Sometimes, human poses me on random things.
She wants me to sit still, who does she think she is?
She’s lucky I can’t jump off this bench either.

Willy Day_Willy

Finally, home sweet home with my loaf of bread forever.

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