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Hungry in Austin


I’ve often heard that Austin is comparable to San Francisco, but I didn’t really understand what that meant until I actually visited the city. I had imagined Austin to be crowded like San Francisco with many shops and restaurants located close to each other, but boy was I wrong! We drove on the freeway for 15 minutes and was still in the same city (in SF, you’d probably end up in another near-by city like Oakland, Millbrae or even San Bruno!). The city was HUGE which meant it was not practical to depend on public transportation to get you to places. However, it also meant that there were so many more places to check out if you do some research beforehand.

From the looks of all the photos I took in Austin, it’s pretty safe to say Austin offers so many great options for good food!

I didn’t realize Austin was popular for it’s “food trailers” so I was pretty surprised to see them all around the city offering a variety of cuisine from Detroit-style deep dish pizza to Jamaican sandwiches and freshly made tacos to irresistible doughnut creations.

Our first stop in Austin was at Perla’s, which was a random pick, for some generously portioned seafood brunch. We ordered the fried calamari, Crab Florentine and the Shrimp Po’Boy and needless to say, we were pretty stuffed after the meal. Then we ran into the cutest lemonade stand, tucked away near a parking garage where your only options were to buy a Cup of Happiness (iced lemonade with your choice of freshly made mint, lavender, basil or pomegranate syrup) or a Great Day (frozen lemonade). No really, the lemonade stand guy made us say that we wanted to “have a cup of happiness” before he made us our drink!

We also had dim sum for brunch the next day and ended up grazing throughout the day as we ran across some amazing food trailers like the fried avocado and shrimp tacos at Mellizoz Taco and indulged in some sweet and savory desserts (well, kinda) with Gourdough’s Mother Clucker and The Carney.

But of course, visiting a new city for me also means checking out some local spots for great craft beers. I had been wanting to stop by The Brew & Brew because, well… How could I ever say no to a place that offers both beer and coffee? To make things even more perfect, I got to try the 8th Wonder Rocket Fuel (a porter infused with cold brew Vietnamese coffee)!! If I could live off of one beer, this would be it, hands down. With 38 different types of craft beers on tap and a cutting-edge espresso bar, I’d say this joint lived up to its hype.

We ended our night roaming around Sixth street, bar hopping and exploring around to find the best street food vendor! Just as we were heading back to our car, we stopped by a taco stall and got really lucky because the pulled pork and chicken & bacon tacos were absolutely delicious (and we weren’t even drunk).












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    November 6, 2014 at 7:11 PM

    Omg, the cutest lemonade stand!!!!

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    November 6, 2014 at 10:15 PM

    I am enjoying reading about your travels! It’s great to see how much you are experiencing! It’s great! I’m living vicariously through you! =)

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