Exploring San Antonio, Texas


I spent my last weekend of October in Texas, traveling between San Antonio and Austin. My boyfriend had planned a “secret” itinerary for us because it was my first time visiting the Lone Star state and wanted to surprise me with cool places to visit. Our first stop in San Antonio was the Alamo, where we got a quick refresh of our history lesson walking through the carefully preserved remnants of this historical Spanish mission.  Then we headed to the Market Square for some delicious Tex-Mex lunch and finished our day exploring through a beautiful Japanese tea garden, tucked away in a quiet, residential area of the city.

I was glad we made the Alamo our first stop in the morning because it was less crowded than I had imagined and we were able to leisurely walk through the buildings without having to feel rushed. I was amazed to see how well the limestone walls held up even after 300 years and wondered how much of history they have absorbed, if only these walls could talk.

After the quick history lesson, we drove over to the Market Square where many of the vendors were preparing for the Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. We picked a Mexican restaurant with a shady outdoor seating for lunch and of course, I ordered myself a bowl (yes, it was huge) of margarita and a plate of chile relleno.

We ended our day at the Japanese Tea Garden, tucked away in a quiet neighborhood; it was the biggest Japanese tea garden I’ve been to by far. I loved the landscape of the garden that utilized varying elevations, you could walk down a flight of stairs to see the entire place from a different perspective or walk up a bridge for another view. The weather in Texas in late October was somewhat like how early summer feels in California. It was chilly at night but for the most part, day time felt like the low 80s, it was perfect for us to stroll through the garden.









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