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November 2014

  • Willy

    Willy Lately | Lazy Sunday pt.1

    “It’s not easy being lazy, you’ve only got 24 hours to do the same thing over again!” I love to snuggle between the pillows, this hamburger pillow is my favorite! I…

  • Willy

    Willy Lately | Walk in the Park

    Fall is in full-swing and I love seeing all the leaves on the ground that have turned red, yellow and brown. The autumn scenery always puts me in a good mood…

  • Life

    Bouldering at Bridges Rock Gym

    The best type of exercise for me is the kind that disguises the fact that you’re actually getting a workout because the fun you’re having masks the pain. I started coming…

  • Food

    Dinner at Belly in Uptown Oakland

    I love checking out new restaurants and when it serves delicious fusion burritos and tacos, you know I’ll be there. A good friend from college and I stopped by Belly in Oakland for…

  • Travel Videos

    Food & Art in Austin, TX

    I am so glad I was able to capture a part of my trip to Texas via these video clips because I had so much fun putting this together to share…

  • Travel Videos

    A Day in San Antonio

    I’ve put together this video to share some of the things we did on my first, full day spent in San Antonio, TX. It felt a little hectic trying to record…