Willy Lately | Sunday Afternoon


I honestly don’t walk Willy as much as I should (but it seems like he gets plenty of exercise running around the house all day) so whenever the weather is nice, I like to take him to the neighborhood park to run around in the grass and explore. He seemed really excited to be outside, he stopped at almost every corner to sniff through things and it was actually a bit of a pain to keep him on the sidewalk!

It’s also quite a challenge to get him to stay still for a good photo, so I took advantage of his little breaks during the walk to take some candid shots of Willy. It seems like he always knows when the camera is on and pointed at him, he has a tendency to turn away at the perfect moment to ruin the shot :(

I am also happy that this hoodie I bought him last year still fits and it looks like we can make good-use out of it all throughout this winter as well.






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