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Exploring Chicago


I took some this week to put together this vlog documenting the last part of my summer trip to Chicago! I finally got to meet Rupert, check out the Bean, witness a rain storm and enjoy all the good food in a new place. I can’t imagine what winters are like in Chicago, but I’d definitely want to visit again.

This new hobby I found in filming and video editing has taught me a lot so far; while editing the footage I took on my trip, I realized a bunch of things to keep in mind the next time I’m recording a video. I can’t believe I wasn’t paying attention to how shaky my hands were and I wish I took more snippets of me talking to the camera. I think it would have been helpful to share the experience with words as well as the visuals.

Stay tuned for more to come, I’ll be traveling to Las Vegas this weekend for my birthday trip with some good friends from college!

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