Yellowstone Under Canvas, MT


I am currently enjoying my time in Chicago visiting the city for the first time, but I’ve made so many incredible memories along the way as we traveled from California to Illinois on a cross-country road trip! When we started planning the trip, I knew I wanted to make a stop at Yellowstone National Park. I looked up a few traditional places to stay the night but came across Yellowstone Under Canvas in West Yellowstone, Montana and instantly fell in love.

Although it cost us just as much as staying at a traditional hotel room, I opted for this “glamping” experience because it was something completely different. I wouldn’t have been able to lug all of my camping equipment on the trip since I planned to fly out of Chicago back to the Bay so this opportunity was perfect for me to experience something a little closer to nature.

Our tent was cozy and well-furnished all completely with a small wood furnace! The communal bathrooms were very clean and the showers also had good pressure and hot water. Becoming a mosquito bait was probably my least favorite part of the trip but it could have been well-avoided if I had remembered to back some insect repellant (shame on me).

The scenery from our tent was breath taking every hour of the day from sunset to sunrise. We were lucky that the weather was perfect when we arrived, the fluffy clouds adorned the sky as the setting sun colored them in all shades of the rainbow. There was also a small creek (or a river, whatever) near by where we took a quick walk for some photos.

My favorite part of the experience was being able to see all the stars clear and bright out at night. I was able to play around with some long-exposure shots to capture the beautiful moment (although photos won’t do it any justice).

Yellowstone Under Canvas Tent 1

Yellowstone Under Canvas 2

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