Yellowstone National Park, WY


One of the biggest highlight of my cross-country road trip was stopping by Yellowstone National Park  in Wyoming. I wish we had a few more days to explore this magnificent preservation but we only had a day to spare on our trip to Chicago. We decided to take the route by the lake to exit the park and continue our journey. The path took us along the edge of the West Thumb Lake where the water sparkled under the sun in all shades of blue.

We also made a few pit stops to see the Old Faithful geyser and several thermal pools with scoldingly hot water. I had no idea that these pools came in such beautiful colors and the clarity took my breath away. I also felt lucky to have seen several Buffalos along the road (my new favorite animal).

I promised myself I would return to Yellowstone again to fully venture out into the land and take the time to catch a glimpse of the wildlife there. I would have loved to see a pack of Buffalos hold up traffic as they crossed the road (the only type of traffic I wouldn’t mind).

The trip through Yellowstone reminded me of how beautiful Mother Nature truly is. Earth is a special place filled with color and rich with life, it was another great reminder that I should cherish this space a whole lot more and do my part in preserving it. It’s hard to explain how this experience made me feel in words, but I’ll cherish the feelings forever.






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