Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

I wanted to visit Big Sur off of Highway 1 last weekend so we took a quick trip to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and also visit the famous McWay Waterfall. However, I was actually a little bummed because it was too foggy for me to see the waterfall clearly or even get a good photo (even VSCO Cam couldn’t save it). But on the bright side, this just means I’ll have to plan another trip to the park in the Fall when it’ll be less foggy!

We wanted to follow the Ewoldsen Trail but got lost and came to a dead end, but we were pleasantly surprised with this lush view from the bridge and a waterfall. Then we turned around and found the real Ewoldsen Trail only to end up climbing vertically for an hour. The challenge for me when hiking isn’t the vertical trails but rather coming down the trail, sometimes I scare myself with silly thoughts of tumbling down the cliff or slipping on gravel and breaking my ankle. These thoughts slow me down, physically, which ends up being a grueling journey to descend.

I also took my baby Canon for a spin and realized how far I’ve fallen from my photography-craze days. I really want to improve my skills so you’ll probably be seeing more practice shots on this blog; bear with me while I learn to translate beautiful things into clusters of pixels. Like the over-exposed shot of the waterfall above and this hazy shot of the McWay Waterfall (more like a pee-wee stream). I can’t wait to return when the fog is gone!

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