DIY Terrariums at Succulence


Needless to say, my first terrarium died. But I always say, the best lessons are learned the hard way via first-hand experience. As much as I wanted to keep this beautiful ecosystem alive, half of the succulents died and while I was transporting the terrarium to our office plant doctor, it fell over and couldn’t be repaired. However, after that terrible gardening experience, I’ve learned my lesson and have not killed any plants except my venus fly trap after an office move where sunlight became scarce.

I’ve also learned that succulents are probably the best types of plants for beginners to start with since they’re pretty low-maintenance; it doesn’t require much water and office light seems sufficient for my little Argyroderma in a tea cup, air plants  and a new terrarium I built during a class from Succulence in San Francisco.

 What I love about Succulence is that they have a DIY station where you can purchase or bring your own supplies for potting to build your own terrarium. These photos were from a while back when I visited the store with a few ambitious friends for a fun DIY date. You can easily find glass jars at craft stores like Michael’s and little trinkets to decorate the terrarium with on Etsy!

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