Get The Pho Outta Here

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Imagine a hefty bowl of chewy rice noodles topped with a generous portion of seafood, pork and chicken with a little sprinkle of roughly chopped green onions — the yolky, fried egg is just the finishing touch to this perfect bite. Now, what are you going to do with this bowl? Shower it with spoonfuls of chicken broth to loosen up the noodles and pour the sweet and savory special house sauce all over. Mix everything together and let the ingredients whisper words of love to each other.

Brace yourself for the flavor party that is about to go down, in your mouth.

Yup, look no further, I’ve had my first bowl of dry hu tieu nam vang (or commonly called “dry pho”, don’t ask me why) from Ha Nam Ninh, a small Vietnamese restaurant in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Although pho has been my favorite food of all time, I’m seriously reconsidering the prized title for this bowl of hu tieu. I praise the lord for my friend Nanette who’s always ready with a list of amazing eateries around the city and her recommendations have yet to fail me.

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